Srry Srry Srry Srry Srry….. But im back? ~<3

Alrighty well i know its been a very very very very long time since i acctualy posted on this account but ive been busy as heck.

Ill give everyone a quick update and a few side notes about the direction i want this blog to head in, rather then just posting everything i learn about and everything in tespia i am going to be instead posting about the progress of my characters, maple related topics that either bug me or i just wana talk about, and glitches/problems i find with the game, so yeah, i cant promise i will be the most reliable source of information but i will try my very hardest to keep u all informed and up to date with all the *fun* stuff in maple and all the not so *fun* stuff.

Alrighty well without anymore waiting i am back 🙂 and i hope i can re-gain my fan base i once had long ago :).


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